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Ing Direct

Come prevenire e scoprire i tentativi di frode? 

Marcella Rotelli, Anti-Fraud Office ING Direct, illustra strumenti e tecniche per contrastare il crescente fenomeno delle frodi creditizie.

In tempi di crisi le frodi creditizie sono in costante aumento, diventa così fondamentale investire in tecnologie che consentano di prevenire e contrastare il fenomeno. 

How does the increasing adoption of online channels by consumers affect the problem of fraud? Is it increasing or decreasing?

It’s obviously increasing because you never know who’s really hiding behind the web… nevertheless it’s also a myth: one of the biggest point of compromise for credit card is the unattended phones at Heathrow Airport, which is in facts a physical point of interaction.

How likely is your company willing to share applicant and customer information in order to prevent fraud, and do you think this is an activity that is best resolved in house or can be outsourced?

My company would be willing if Italian Data Protection Law allowed for it, which is not unfortunately: both solutions – in sourced or outsourced - would be equally effective, I guess.

What are the important changes ING Direct has made to its fraud prevention strategy to address the difficult market conditions?

Implementing an in house fraud detection tool is a major change not only for fraud department – which is directly involved in its creation, implementation and testing - but also for other involved departments from first as well as second line of defense: many processes have been reviewed but for a common benefit.

From your experience, how effective is investment in fraud prevention technologies in order to protect the business from fraud losses?

Investing in fraud prevention / detection / prediction technology – I’d add – is fundamental because you can keep fraud losses stable even if fraud attacks increase a lot especially in crisis times, we’re currently facing.

ING Direct uses Experian product (Detect) to help your company with the fraud prevention strategy, how does it help you achieve your goals?

Though simple it may be Detect hit rates are one of the major source of our Fraud Engine tool, as they are the suspect frauds we build our patterns and profiles on.

How is the collaboration with Experian so far?

A partnership rather than a collaboration I’d call it instead: highly adaptive to our needs and requests, exactly what you’d ask a partner to be.

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